Just Keep Blooming…

“As Long As My Roses Keep Blooming On My Porch, I know I will be alright.”- Nicole Lewis

Today, I was thinking heavily about life and how there are times when I don’t feel abundant, but deep down I know I really am. When I stop look around and take notice at all that is blooming, I put it all in perspective.  The seasons change, the moon waxes and wanes, and the flowers that are dormant and always bloom once again . Every thing comes full circle. I know this and I must remember this in my darkest hours. One moment, I am feeling down on myself and then I look up and see the beautiful chiffon sheer curtain blowing gracefully in wind That’s when, I take a moment of silence. I rejoice at the simple beauty that is sometimes taken for granted. The light fabric blowing in the serene wind reminds me to keep it light. It doesn’t have to be so heavy. I have friends fighting for the lives with breast cancer and illness and I am sitting over sad because someone didn’t text me back. Every feeling should be valid but I am going to really take time to choose my battles wisely, because sometimes they choose you and those are the battles you really don’t want have to fight.  Every rose has it’s thorn, but on the end of that stem are the most elegant, beautiful silky petals that have survived the thorns.

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